Welcome to Southern Skies


Southern Skies will have as its core function the presentation of programs on astronomy and other sciences. This will be achieved through the presentation of astronomy and science based planetarium shows and interactive science exhibits. Portable telescopes that can be set up and used on the grassed area outside the facility will also be able to provide viewing of both the day and evening skies. Planetarium shows will be changed and updated on a regular basis. Schools programs will be tied into the appropriate curriculum for the visiting group.

School holiday programs

During school holidays special activities aimed at school aged children will be run. Special open nights with both the planetarium and telescopes can also be conducted.

Courses and lectures

Courses and lectures by any guest speaker from any field will be possible. Teach the Teacher courses in subjects such as the HSC Physics Astronomy elective will also be run.


Southern Skies will also be able to occasionally host travelling exhibitions, such as those from the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, Questacon in Canberra, or the David Malin Astrophotography Awards from the Central West Astronomical Society.


As an exciting and different alternative to standard locations around the region, functions as diverse as weddings, corporate events, product launches, conferences, festivals and charity events can be held at the complex.

Special events

The appearance of comets, supernovae and other one off astronomical events can be targeted through special viewing nights.

Local content

The facility will be used to showcase the local region and its culture through collaborative projects with NSW tourism, Orange City Council and other cultural, historical and social groups.

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Welcome to Southern Skies
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